Little 6 year-old me at my favourite place in the world.

Little 6 year-old me at my favourite place in the world.

I’ve wanted to write for a living since I was 11. Before that, it was a chef. A football manager. I even wanted to be a tennis coach. But writing was where it was at – I was good at English, I loved reading the pages of Dad’s newspapers, and I looked up to the people on the telly sat behind the desks on the six o’clock news. I knew it was where I needed to be.

A decade on, and I’m halfway there. My writing’s got better (it wasn’t hard, I was only eleven…), I read a ridiculous amount of news, and I’m an absolute beast at a pub quiz because of it. My blogs and articles all had different names and different themes, but I was still writing and still aiming for the ultimate goal.


Look how excited I am!

‘Which is what?’, I hear you ask… Well, it depends what day you catch me on. I love new and digital media, and love to be ahead of the game. I adore the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and want to be a part of making a positive change on sport. I eat good food to my heart’s content, in the hope I’ll learn and be able to come back on an all-expenses paid trip. I bake bread like an absolute machine, and love sharing what I create. I have so many interests, and not enough time.

My writing saw me shuffle into marketing, and that’s now what I do for a living. There’s so many similarities between the two, yet it’s that creative element, and my love for all things analytical that makes marketing an even better fit. Not many people can say they genuinely love the career they’re forging for themselves – but I can.

But you know so much about me, but I haven’t introduced myself… Hell, that’s why you Googled my name, clicked the link in my email footer or tapped in my URL. How rude of me.

I, as the massive font at the top of the page says, am Adam Mills, and this is my little spot on the internet. I’m 22, a marketing and digital consultant, and in all that extra free time I have (ha!), studied Journalism  at City University London. I’ve been lucky enough to fall into plenty of brilliant jobs over the last few years and have learnt from the best, and that’s why I love contracting and consulting.

But enough about professional me; he’s dull and boring. I’m a Man United fan, and a 49er to boot. I adore new tech, and spend far too much time with my head buried in another 10,000-word article about something you’d probably find dull and boring. I have a bit of a thing for craft beer, I have Twitter glued to my thumbs 24/7, I sob at the Olympics every time, and my friends shout ‘DATA’ at me every time I mention how good a spreadsheet is, and my New Year’s Resolution was to drink more champagne. Because, champagne.

So that’s me. If you’d like to get in touch, just use the links above and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you lovely internet person. You help make every day brighter.

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