UK Marketing Manager (August 2015 – present)

Overseeing all marketing activity in the UK for audioBoom. This includes all paid, acquisition and retention marketing, brand awareness, social marketing, inbound marketing, plus PR, organic and channel marketing. This, alongside all data and analytics for the team, includes:

  • Conceiving, implementing and analysing all UK-based marketing campaigns.
  • Working alongside major talents, third parties and agencies to create campaigns.
  • Creating and launching our global social media advertising alongside our Global Social Media Manager.
  • Optimising and scaling all campaigns, to generate maximum effect from each activity.
  • Liaising with the CMO and US Marketing Manager to create major global campaigns.
  • Daily reports of all campaigns and data (user data, listen data, sign ups, OPR/CTR, impressions and dwell data, conversion rates, churn rates etc.)
  • Daily liaising with account managers across the globe for various marketing channels to optimise campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.)

Marketing Business Analyst (August 2014 – July 2015)

Initially on a consultancy basis before being asked to join permanently, I joined audioBoom in August 2014. The role included running all marketing data and analytics for audioBoom. This includes all paid-for marketing, acquisition and retention marketing, user and brand awareness, plus all organic and social channel marketing. My role primarily included:

  • Daily reports of all campaigns and data (user data, listen data, sign ups, OPR/CTR, impressions and dwell data, conversion rates, churn rates etc.)
  • Creating and launching all social media advertising and marketing across various platforms.
  • Optimising and scaling these campaigns to generate maximum effect for minimum spend.
  • Creating and increasing the lifetime value of each unique user.
  • Developing a set of primary and secondary KPIs in which to measure our performance from these campaigns.
  • Building and launching all inbound marketing campaigns (email marketing, social marketing, remarketing etc.)
  • Liaising on a daily basis with account managers across the globe from various channels to ensure what we do is the best it can possibly be (Twitter, Facebook, Google etc.)

Alongside this, I also aided in the global relaunch audioBoo as audioBoom in September 2014. This included:

  • Overseeing paid-for and social marketing campaigns to launch new iOS app to top of App Store charts in the UK, the US and Australia.
  • Continual optimisation of these campaigns, driving CPI, CPA, CPC and CPAC to unprecedented levels on each individual platform.
  • Day-by-day analysis of all tracked data (internal analytics, social referrals, third-party referrals, traffic sources, OPR/CTR, app analytics, conversion goals etc.)
  • A full set of attainable KPIs for all areas of relaunch.
  • Constant assessment and analysis of KPIs and recommendations on improvements.
  • Revisions of all written material across platform.
  • Implementing and utilising a full blogger outreach program.
  • Building digital marketing campaigns to implement pre and post-relaunch.
  • Full community management.
  • Liaising with the offices across the globe to ensure relaunch is seamless.